Inconsistent Dual Fire-I Windows Video Grabbing

Hi folks,

Been prototyping a piece in OSX using two Unibrain Fire-I’s, which work nicely alongside each other on the mac side of things.

In porting the project to Windows, I set up my environment with addons and drivers as needed using the bootcamp partition of my intel MBP (model late 2007).

After a bit of juggling, I got both Fire-Is to work simultaneously (had to start one on a bit of a delay, but otherwise it worked great).

However, after moving this project over to a desktop that would actually do the heavy lifting full time for the install, I cannot seem to get the two to work simultaneously anymore. Additionally, I have tried attaching one Fire-I and one PS3-Eye. The PS3-Eye will kick on in its place, and the Fire-I will not. I tried two PS3-Eyes, but wihout the extended drivers for multiples, only one is shown as visible at a time. Seems no matter what I try, I cannot get two videos to grab simultaneously, even though the verbose output in the console output tells me otherwise (grabs the right enumerated port, sees various byte-streams and framerates, and grabs the default set one).

It just appears to never actually idle a new frame.

I’ve seen many threads on this topic, including hearing people having success with more than one Fire-I at a time. Is there anything I should be on the look out for? I find this particularly strange considering I did get it to work on another machine.

Thanks in advance,