including addons in VisualStudio 2010

I’m currently working on a Kinect project with OF (first time in OF and its been about 7 years since I was in C++ at all, been in AS3 development for about 3 years). I’m having issues with my includes of anything coming from the OF “addons” folder as it seems I don’t have the addons in the scope of my filesystem. Anyone know a quick way to deal with this or somewhere I can find a guide for this? I’ve looked at the addons examples which seem to have the “addons” folder in the scope of the project but I have no idea how to achieve this in VS. I’m working off of the emptyProject template.

Thanks Much!

This is a question that I’ve had for weeks, but have never found an adequate answer to it. Typically people just suggest copying examples and things like that. But what if you want to use more than one addon at once? This is valuable info that is at best very difficult to find.

You’ve to add the folder in you project setting under the c++ includes (sorry can’t remember the exact position - I’m under osx right now). And if the addon uses a lib you have to add the lib to the linker for a. the path and b. the lib itself in the linker settings.

Just have a look into the opencv example, open the project preferences there (right click at the project in the project structure on the left and open the preferences).

Anyway I really wonder why so many people think that the developer experience under visual studio is superior than other IDEs - IMHO VS just sucks because of flaws like you this.