Including add-on without project generator

hi All

Is there a way to add an add-on without going through the project generator? I have a project with a load of settings that using the project generator approach wipes out.

If I use the old ‘add files’ approach, and group them, I get the whole, ‘file can’t be found’ error endlessly…

In hope

Edit: specifically I’m trying to update the ofxClipper library, from the simple old version to the new one, so it’s already included, but has a lot of changes so I can’t just replace the files.

I think it depends on the platform/ide you are using… In linux at least you just modify the file addons.make including the name of the addon you want to include in qtcreator/vscode.

I assume with vscode that will work in all platforms but i dont think this works on visual studio or xcode.

Hmmm yeah I’m using visual studio and XCode, darn

Just remembered that there is a plugin to manage addons for vs and xcode

For xcode you have to search a bit, i know it exist but not sure if is still compatible with current version.

For vs, is on the download area in of site

yep, plugin works on VS2017, not 2019. The plugin for xcode I think it’s outdated and not working.

Thanks for the replies. I gave up and committed to a complete project rebuild using the generator. Bit of a pain as I have to try and recreate all my settings but hopefully I have them all…

A shortcut to just replace a single addon without that would be lovely.

maybe another approach would be to use a template for the project generator – what I would do is modify an empty example to have the settings you want and which are getting clobbered, then add that as a folder here. you may need to also provide a template.config file.

The reason you are using your settings is that we need to use an empty project to add things to do (it’s not super easy to programmatically alter Xcode projects). If you have specific settings you can bake that into an empty project, make a template, then use that template when you update your project. I don’t have a ton of experience with this but it’s how I would approach it…

in the PG, be sure to hit advanced in settings, then you can choose the template you want.

Ahh that’s awesome! Sounds exactly like what I’m after, but I wasn’t aware of it. Next time I’ll try the template approach then.