Include mysql.h

Hello everyone,

I’m obviously new to OF and C++. I’m trying to get some values from a MySQL database on localhost, but I’m getting this error:

mysql.h: No such file or directory

I’m not sure what the location of the mysql.h file is, I couldn’t find it anywhere, or does OF not support MySQL?

I’m just using this

#include <mysql.h>  

at the minute, should that be

#include <C:\somewhere\overtherainbow\mysql.h>  



Ah nevermind, found it #include “C:/mysql/include/mysql.h”

actually, ‘#include <mysql.h>’ was correct (because including a complete path like that makes your code non-portable). what you should do in situations like this is add ‘c:/mysql/include’ to the ‘header search path’ in the properties of your project, then the compiler knows to look for mysql.h in c:/mysql/include.