Improvements of the documentation


please let me know, if this topic has been discussed already. While working with oF and especially with the online Documentation, there are a few things that really annoy me.

The website is always titled “openFrameworks”. It would be extremely helpful, it at least the class name (i.e. ofVideoGrabber) would be attached to the title.

Google don’t understands the new docimentation. While i think, the new javascript-based navigation inside the documentation is great for browsing, search results only link to the “main page” of the class, letting you click through all functions yourself.

A PDF manual would be great. It should be possible to generate a well formated PDF document, using the markdown files from the git repo. Has anyone started thinking or working towards this direction? I would be willing to spend some time in investigating this, but if there a re any known downfalls or people woking on it, i would like to know.


thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:
check out the issue tracker for the webpage, and see if those are already in there:

Ha, you’re right. Strange, did not think about creating issues at Github.
I’ll take care about that later tonight.


well, not many know that the OF homepage also lives on github. :slight_smile:

Might be true for many, but i was just browsing the repo while composing this post,… :wink:

For cross-reference, here are the issues on GitHub:

Maybe related to