Improved Kinect TUIO server

Fresh out of the Eyeo conference I decided to finally get started with oF. Been working some with the TUIO protocol and Kinect support seems a bit lacking. I’d like to improve that. Here’s a first attempt:

Added Haar detection to the existing TuioKinect library ( to automatically set the threshold based on the distance of the face. A bit rough still, and in hindsight just using the closest points may work for most applications, but here it is:


Wicked and thanks for the code.

I would really like to know more about the mirror/screen you have too


No problem at all. The glass is whatever the most-chromed sample is from this sample pack:, frame is a hobby lobby special. Behind it is a stripped down kinect and ELO LCD. I used black foam-core and electrical tape to mask the areas around the screen to minimize the amount of interior visible.

Felt like the last solution was less than ideal. I’ve made an updated version using OpenNI user tracking to set the threshold per-user.


Still not sure using a threshold is the best method… maybe closest-point, actual hand detection, or a hybrid of some kind would be better. Any thoughts?

Great job! I’m browsing through your source code. There’s much room for improvement in terms of how accurate the Kinect TUIO server can be. I like the steps you’ve taken.

I’ll try it out. One think I noticed is that in the README it states that it require the OpenNI addon to OpenFrameworks. I couldn’t find that addon, but I noticed in your code that you just use OpenNI directly.

Any thoughts on using Nite instead?

Thanks. This is the OpenNI extension I was referring to:

I actually started with a Nite-based version (, but I didn’t like the wave-to-begin functionality.

Ehy, wow!
In these days i was trying to do the same thing, but you have done better of my work! :slight_smile:
Really, till now i create only a simple multitouch, without using TUIO… i only find blobs wtih “ofxCvContourFinder” and it works. But your example with TUIO seems very good and i want to try, but i have many problems about “Opencv2”. Maybe do you know why? I’m using OF 0.07, do you use the same?
And can i ask you another thing? I’m trying to create a multitouch table, so i want to place my kinect under the table and project from the bottom but now i have a problem. I think the IR reflect on the surface on my plexiglass and for this i have some problem. Do you have tried something similar? Do you think i can resolve adding some film without reflection?
(Sorry for my english with many errors!!)


I’ve been trying to compile this two examples and i’m having some troubles.

Gave up OF0062.

In OF007 using i manage to correct all the import/addons errors, but i get a compilation error that i cant get:



great work!

Love the mirror screen too, its a great trick to get people to frame themselves


Even I tried using it with ofTheo-ofxKinect-058ec96 and it works fine. But also crashes very frequently in macbook pro. I am using MacBookPro6,2 running OS X 10.6.8, 2.53 Ghz i5, 4GB, xcode 3.2.6, OF 7. There is no pattern in crashing. But mostly crashes when I exit from the app.

I also found this thread very similar to my issue, But I am using the latest ofxKinect.

Any help will be wonderful.