Importing midi file to be used as visual or math information?

Hello again!
I’ve been playing with the idea of importing an old midi sequence of a composition of mine as a midi file and parsing the information in order to obtain data that can be used as anything. I did this once using a program to make an Excel file out of a .mid file and managed to sync it to the master track.

I also have not been able to run the ofxMidi example, so I don’t really know if that is what I’m looking for.

Any thoughts, guides or information would be welcome.
Thank you!

no ofxMid is only for midi IO not files. i’ve used this library for a project: i want to wrap it as an OF addon but haven’t have time yet

Cool, I’ll check it out.
I wish I had knowledge enough to help you wrap it but maybe in time. =D


I’ve uploaded a project that loads a MIDI file and displays it. Pressing space, you “play” through it, but it doesn’t actually do anything yet such as play the notes - easy to add though.
It requires
ofxFileDialogOSX - then using “o” you can open a new MIDI file.
up and down zoom in and out.
I hacked this back from a bigger project so any comments/improvements, let me know.

it’s at


Thank you very much :slight_smile: