Importing Collada files via Bullet (more ofxBulletPhysics)

Hi All,

Todd Vanderlin and I have been trying to move on the ofxBulletPhysics addon.

You can download where I am here:

What we are attempting to do is to allow a Collada File with physical properties to be imported into OF via Bullet.

There is an application called AppColladaDemo supplied with SVN Bullet that successfully loads in a Collada file - but only primitives, no mesh objects. It utilises an extra class in Bullet called BulletColladaConverter that appears to load in a Collada file into Bullet, and set up all the correct object types.

The latest we are at is ripping the guts out of BulletColladaConverter. It’s a beast. It looks like it can handle just about everything that can be put into a Collada file into the correct form in Bullet. We need solid meshes coming in in some way, not just primitives.

Todd has also been trying to get Blender working, to allow a mesh to be exported, so that we have a complete workflow from Blender -> Bullet -> OF.

Anyone else up for a weekend of thrashing this out?



I am going to take a look at this:,359.0.html"> … =&f=&t=359

Looks like a good openGL implementation of a generic Collada loader.



Looking further,…-daDemo.cpp

Looks a good start, as well as


In the extras folder of the Bullet SVN.

The previous post was to a very outdated post on the Bullet forums. Didn’t check the date!

Is the remnants of the project.

Or specifically:…-6/download

Looks great for OSX - but the problem is that I can’t tell how it was compressed?



This sounds great! Did you have a look at openCollada for loading collada?


Any news about this??

Im interested.