import xcode project in ubuntu for code::blocks

Hi I downloaded some examples from users of openframework… specifically:

Both are .xcode examples, and I tried to execute the projects in code::blocks in linux ubuntu without successfull. The examples who came with the framework works fine… What steps I need follow to do this action? How add the specific addons of the examples in my project?..

You might want to check out the “openFrameworks/readme.linux”:

f) Makefile

every example has a Makefile you can configure it using the files: config.make
and addons.make

config.make: has options to add search paths, libraries… the syntax is the
usual syntax in makefiles, there’s help comments inside the file

addons.make: if you want to use an addon inside the addons folder, just add its
name in a new line in this file.

An easy way would be to just make a new project using the wizard or python script (check the readme file) and replacing the “src” with the one of your downloaded user-example. And add the libs and stuff using the makefile.

If there isn’t a make file inside the example? Is there a way to open this project at codeblocks?

Linux user

just run the project generator over any example and add any necessary addons that should work without problem in linux