Import 123d catch to openframeworks?

hello all,

i’m trying to find a reliable way to bring 3d models with textures form AutoDesk’s 123d catch into openframeworks. 123d catch allows you to download a .stl, or else a .obj (wavefront) with an accompanying .mtl (materials file), as well as the .jpg files (image texture).

i’ve tried all the obvious options but none are working well:
-ofx3DModelLoader: this addon wants a .3ds file; i’ve trieding my .obj+.mtl+.jpg file to a .3ds+.jpg file with Rhino and with Blender; in both cases, the mesh works but the texture is not recognized in openframeworks
-ofxAssimpModelLoader: this add-on can load many different formats; i’ve tried loading my .obj files directly but again the texture is not recognized. i’ve also tried making a .dae file (again with Rhino), but here too only the mesh is read, but not the texture.

needless to say, both addOns have examples that have a texture and it works for them.

any advice?


It could be a pathing issue? Try opening up the .mtl file in a text editor and look for the jpg path. If it’s absolute, eg ‘Users/someone/Desktop/blah.jpg’, convert it to relative, eg. ‘blah.jpg’.

If this doesn’t work, upload the model and I will have a look.

Actually, I think this is a bug. This used to happen only on windows, but is now also happening on osx. Here is the github issue + fix

hello tretbrooks,
thanks for the hint; i see in the issue that it is indeed related if not the same issue i’m having.

following the thread in github, it appears that @arturoc asked for a report about this bug (i’m not sure what a PR, i assume a something report; were you able to provide one, or do you know a way around this issue for loading a .obj with texture into ofx?


A PR is a Pull Request, i.e. something containing a patch/fix for the bug, ready to be merged into OF. In this case, this one

I can confirm that with the latest version of ofx from github which includes the merged gub gix you mentioned, i can load .obj’s with the ofxAssimpModelLoader addOn and it automatically locates and uses the texture images from the jpegs in the same folder. thank you for your help.