Implementing Dubins path?

hi again :slightly_smiling_face: i’m working with arcs on a project that would export svgs to be milled (see this topic if you were also looking at similar things) but i ended up going down a computer graphics and geometry-related rabbit hole and stumbled on something called dubin’s path?

wanted to ask if anyone has had experience working with this technique in any capacity, and if they have any pointers on how i might be able to implement it in openframeworks. some cursory research led me to this, this, and this, but i think i’m still working on developing access points into geometry for me so that i can understand this material better, and thought it would be nice to continue tapping into the of community for some guidance.

thanks all!

update: working through some math now. will try to update soon!

Hi, I have not but I think that @zach has done some stuff with that technique.

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