Immersive projection room

Hi all,

I’m looking for a bit of advice. I have an immersive projection project which involves projecting generative graphics on a non-rectangular room (walls and floor). There will also be generative audio.

I am planning on writing the graphics app in oF on one PC and the audio app on another PC.

I think there will be a media server (Any recommendations?) between the oF app (producing the graphics) and the projectors. But I’m not sure whether the media server is required? I’m guessing it will just be receiving the output of the oF app, edge blending and warping it, and push out to the projectors? If it is required, can I run the oF app on the media server to remove the cost of a PC?

Any advise appreciated.

Hi, It really depends on how large the instalation is. But in broad terms you should be able to run the app on the media server, as long as it allows you to (because of its OS).