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Immersive Media Software Engineer

Snibbe Interactive ( is seeking a software engineer with video game or computer graphics software engineering skills for highly engaging and challenging work in immersive interactive media. You will create physically reactive installations that incorporate computer graphics, gaming, computer vision and web technologies at Snibbe Interactive’s new centrally located San Francisco location. You will have a great deal of individual responsibility and creative input on individual interactive projects you develop from start to finish.

Snibbe Interactive is a fast-growing company that creates large-scale interactive installations for science museums, public spaces, corporations, and other public and private clients. Our work has unique characteristics of bringing joy, social engagement and meaning to the everyday lives of ordinary people. Our market is worldwide and includes clients in a number of vertical markets including science museums, branding, entertainment and public art. Some of our recent installations have taken place at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Tokyo Intercommunications Center, Yahoo Corporation and many others.

_Key skills required: _

  • Computer Graphics/Video Game programming - 2D, 3D, simulation, OpenGL.

  • Software engineering - ability to integrate into a large, relatively well engineered vision/graphics system while improving and extending it.

  • Masters’ degree or equivalent in Computer Science (Vision, Graphics or Interface)

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

_Skills and interest in the following areas are also useful: _

  • Familiarity with windows development and running environments, ability to troubleshoot drivers, graphics cards, video capture

  • Computer vision programming - OpenCV and other lower level libraries

  • Film, animation and video post-production

_Responsibilities: _

  • Design and program individual immersive interactive installations

  • Make enhancements to underlying graphics/vision software framework.

  • On-site installation and configuration of software systems at domestic and international locations.

  • Document your work with comments, source control logs, wiki entries.

  • Debugging and testing of your work

  • Work closely with creative staff to translate designs and concepts into software systems.

  • Communicate with engineering, project management, business and creative staff regularly and effectively.

The work we do is technically sophisticated, often at the level of contemporary research. You will have an opportunity to make a contribution to international public interactive media projects seen each year by millions of people. This is a wonderful opportunity for a terrific engineer with interests in the arts, gaming or museum exhibits who wants a uniquely satisfying job. Snibbe Interactive provides a uniquely positive, playful and kind workplace. Employee benefits include competitive base salary, health and dental insurance, 401(K) plan, paid time off, stock options and eligibility for performance bonus. The position is available immediately.

Please send a letter of interest, resume and sample work to We will request interviews and recommendation letters from the top candidates.