Images won't load when starting app from launcher

Hi All

My app works great when launched from eclipse, all the images load.

But if I quit it, and then click on the icon in the launcher, it launches to a blank screen (all my graphics are from loaded images). If I draw rects on the screen they will show, but none of the images load.

This is what I see in my LogCat

04-07 22:02:38.585: V/OF(1269): trying to find class: cc.openframeworks.thump.R$layout  
04-07 22:02:38.600: I/OF(1269): creating app directory: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/cc.openframeworks.thump  
04-07 22:02:38.600: I/OF(1269): app name: thump  
04-07 22:02:38.600: I/OF(1269): Setting app dir name to: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/cc.openframeworks.thump  
04-07 22:02:38.600: I/OF(1269): app name: thump  
04-07 22:02:38.600: D/OF(1269): no resources found in /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/cc.openframeworks.thump/  

It says it’s trying to unzip a zip called which surely it should only do on the first run?

Anyone encountered this?

I’ve tried this with 0.7.4 from the site and with the develop branch. No difference.



hi marek

yes the zip is only uncompressed the first time the app is run, then it’s deleted. can you check if your images are there?

also can you try finishing the application from the applications settings and starting it again. the openGL context is destroyed everytime the application goes to the background. OF reloads textures when the application is reloaded but it might be that you are using your own way of loading the pixels into textures and then they are not reloaded again

Ah, sorry, I tracked it down - it was due to ofGetWidth()/Height() returning 0 in setup - then my images were getting drawn 0 pixels wide as a consequence… Will update to the latest develop oF. Thanks for your help.