Images wont draw getting warning

I have a project that starts out with a Main image loaded in a class. I am then trying to move from the main image to another image that is loaded in a different class. I am trying to do this using an if statement.

void ofApp::setup(){


void ofApp::draw(){
ofDrawRectangle(150,600,50,50); //move mouse over this to move onto next image
if((mouseX > 150 && mouseX < 200) || (mouseY > 600 && mouseY < 650)){


However i keep getting the warning when the project is rendered stating [warning] ofGLRenderer: drawing an unallocated texture. Anyone help me fix it ?


You’ll need to share a bit more of code.
But probably the path to your file is wrong.

and the classes file

Its probably a stupid beginners error that I have made as I am not long using the system or code

There are a lot of issues with your code, in terms of understanding how classes/objects and vectors work.

But to solve your specific issues, on your first post, you are not calling setup for your sunday1.