Images wider than 450px do not display (display blank)

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Has anyone had issues when OF in Visual Studio doesn’t display images of wider than 450px? It seems like the height doesn’t matter, but anything wider than 450px draws as light grey (blank).

Please could you help me solve this, as I need to do effects for 1920x1080 sized images

thank you

Could you share a code? I can display 1920x1080 images without any problems.

hi Sebastian, sure. I may need to reinstall visual studio then, I hope my projects will stay as they are.

It can display 2 images - sunflower and shell:

But the three images below don’t display. (These are just examples, so you can see the sizes):

void ofApp::setup(){


void ofApp::draw(){


class ofApp : public ofBaseApp{

ofImage image;		
void setup();
void update();
void draw();
void keyPressed  (int key);
void keyReleased (int key);
void mouseMoved(int x, int y );
void mouseDragged(int x, int y, int button);
void mousePressed(int x, int y, int button);
void mouseReleased(int x, int y, int button);
void windowResized(int w, int h);
void dragEvent(ofDragInfo dragInfo);
void gotMessage(ofMessage msg);


I tried a “6.png” image and it works fine. What do you have in main.cpp ? This works for me.

int main() {
 	ofSetupOpenGL(1920, 1080, OF_WINDOW);
    ofRunApp(new ofApp());

My main looks exactly the same. 6.png doesn’t open :frowning: I want to reinstall visual studio 2015 for community, looking for the right link now. so annoying.Thank you for looking this up!

Are there any logs on console window?

nope, no errors, no warning. nothing in command window. really weird. I am puzzled but I am chatting with visual studio support maybe they can help :slight_smile: will let you know the outcome!

just as an update, I ended up installing Visual Studio and OF on a different laptop and will open large images from there:)

Good for you :slight_smile: