Image without deformation

May I ask a question? Is there any way to display an image with a width of 100px and a height of 100px, such as through a perspective projection matrix, so that it can be displayed as an image with a width of 200px and a height of 100px without deformation? Thank you

Hello @mawof42626 welcome to the OF forums.
Can you please describe again in other words what you are trying to achieve? so we can understand better the question

I have many images with a aspect ratio of 1:1, and I am displaying them in a 2:1 rectangle. I am wondering if there is any way to achieve a non stretching effect in the image display through the Z-axis.

For the 200x100 are you still trying to show the full image? or do you want to crop it to fill 200x100.
You can draw the image at any size / ratio you want, but it will look stretched unless you crop it.

For the Z-axis stuff:

I think what you might want is to use ofEasyCam.
If you make your draw function:

void ofApp::draw(){
   //0,0 is the screen center - if the image is flipped you can do: 
  //ofScale(1, -1, 1); 

   //draw here 


You might also want your images or textures to be drawn from center by calling myImg.setAnchorPercent(0.5, 0.5); after you load the image.