Image buffering for Raspberry Pi3

Hi folks,

Is there any addons for Pi, which are built on using Fbo and ofThread together?
I am trying to use classical Fbo buffer, but it seems that it slows down Rasp

Actually, I need any king of image buffering for Pi.

In other words, I need class (object), let’s say A, which would update its image buffer each 30 frames, but should draw its buffer every frame at ofApp.cpp.

class A:


    updated = true;




 oClear(255, 0);




 fbo->draw(x, y);


The problem that fbo->draw(x, y) slows down the whole code dramatically, even its width and height are 200x100. Fps are less than 4-5.

For example, if we replace this line with ofDrawRectangle(x, y, 200, 100) — fps are above 30.

One thing to check with the RPI3, do you happen to see this box in the upper right hand corner when the app is running?

I recently had an app slow down dramatically when ran on a different RPI. The issue was that the power supply was too weak (The RPI3 requires more power). This box is the new indicator that it is happening.

Other than that (and increasing your memory split) I would expect the FBO would work. FBOs require the begin()/end() to happen on the main thread I don’t think threading will really help.