Image and video slideshow on raspberry

Hi, I am planning to build a image and video slide show for raspberry pi 3 model b+ (actualyl I am using os raspbian and soon I evaluate to move on ubuntu core).
To play videos actually I am using omxplayer and it works perfectly.
To play the images instead I am evaluating if to use apps like pi3d (that should ahve some transition effects) or “OpenMax image viewer” or FBI that has only blend/crossfading transitions.
Which image transition effects openframwerks give? Are there some demo or addons for it?


As far as I am aware OF doesn’t have any built in slideshow effects like the other applications you mentioned. It is more multipurpose and lower level. It would certainly be possible to make all sorts of transitions with OF but you would likely have to write them yourself.

For example to do a cross fade between images you would control the alpha of those images with a variable over time.

If you do decide you want to go with OF here some starting points:

When you download openFrameworks it comes with a bunch of examples look in examples/input_output/imageLoaderExample for a simple example drawing and sizing images.

If you have more images than what you can comfortably load into ram you will likely have to use the threaded image loader - See example/threads/threadedImageLoaderExample

If you want to do fancier animated effect with less coding check out the animation addons. Particularly ofxEasing to do non linear transitions.