I'm really really a begginer!

Hi guys!
As I wrote on the subject, I’m really a novice. I start the basics of C and C++ two months ago, and now I need to make something with OF… and I have no ideia. I want to ask if you can recommend something easy - like a ball jumping or whatever - and, in the same away, showy, if you know what I mean ;). It is to present on classroom, but what I really want is to start working with OF… to the infinite and beyond!


check out the /openframeworks/apps/examples and /openframeworks/apps/addonExamples folders. playing around with the examples, look at the code and try to understand what’s going on, and modify it. go through http://www.roxlu.com/blog/entry/145/openframeworks-007-presentations/page/
after that, there’s probably already a nice idea or two in your head. :slight_smile:

Ok. ok!

I’ll see and I’ll keep in touch ;).