I'l be doing demos, releasing code and other stuff

Hello there!
I am Felipe. Watch this video and it will explain to you why I am here:

Now, more code will follow so, follow on twitter, subscribe to youtube and the usual.
Feel free to ask questions. Here is my Github:

This video also shows some of the things to come. :smile:

More cool codes to come.


It’s that time of the… day. Here is another video with another release in Github: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tomorrow something with Kinect.


Hello there! Another video. Kinect depth delay line:


Thank you very much for sharing your work! It is really appreciated!

I like your idea to delay depth channel :smile:

Glad you like them. :smiley:
More stuff to come like the following three application, A big one, a small one and a surprise one! Just look at the picture.

Last is more rom hacking than interactive but I liked making it very much.