iidc unibrain fire-I settings on a mac?

There have been a few posts about this in the forums, but most are over a year old and pointing to a handful of external libs. If wondering anyone has used any of them with success and would be willing to share an example of loading settings direct from code into a camera from xcode? THANKs in advance!


Although I can’t seem to find a way to load settings into my camera direct from code, at least some IIDC camera settings are saved and then reloaded by OF6 itself. It must be the same machine and same camera (not just the same brand, but the same actual camera), but, for example, the unibrain fire-i seems to reload saved settings from my hard drive via the videograbber class. This is even after a reboot, and after using the camera in another application. Nice job guys - you are 5 steps ahead of me!

Hi you might want to check this out:


Loading/ saving settings is not implemented yet but will come shortly.
You can however hard-code setting using the addon if you like.