iGlasses video correction & openFrameworks

hey… I am wondering if anyone has used the iGlasses application from ecamm.com to setup image correction for their webcam, and if OpenFrameworks would pick up the corrected image?

Basically we are searching for a high-resolution, high-speed webcam that will work under Mac OSX and will allow us to disable things such as auto-gain and auto-light correction. I’ve been able to achieve it using the Sony PS3 Eye and theo’s macam drivers… but we need a higher resolution and the webcam (Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000) we are looking at isn’t supported by macam. I am looking at the QC Pro 9000 because all the reviews I read say it has the best image quality for usb webcams.

I’m trying to solve the same problem right now - has anyone figured this one out?