Ideas on openframeworks addons

Ola mi hermanos de la comunidad open source de open frameworks

My name is Tiago. My main passions are music coding and visuals, within diff<erent flavors. I would like to point you all to some ideas I've listed in GitHub for open frameworks addons such as:

- implement a deep convolutional recursive swarm of hybrid bdi and Ann using openframewroks and tensor flow; - implementing RAYA audio engine (GPGPU game engine), in openframeworks; - allowing memo akten tensor flow implementation in open frameworks, to be dependent on the local path of the tensor flow python implementation - implementing a mean to import c4d project files directly into open frameworks, keeping overall appearance of c4d project files in cinema4d. that would also be interesting for other 3d model applications. perhaps finding a way of creating a library that can import most of project files of 3d modeling stuff without needing to go throughout fbx or alembic export - finding a way of actually implementing id tech4 and 5 into open frameworks

Have you taken a look at ? if not you should. :slight_smile:

For what you mention about memo’s ofxTensorflow, you should go into its github and place an issue about it. That problem is not an OF problem but an addon problem.

If you are willing to have all these features you should try to code them yourself, create these addons and share.
Most addons come to life in this way; OF users that happen to need some particular thing to work within OF so they just implement it, package as an addon and share.
OF is super flexible so you can integrate it with almost anything but at the same time it is almost impossible to have implementations for everything out there.