IDE/Text editor for Raspberry Pi?

What is everyone using? I usually write code on my Mac and just send it over (either via git or ssh) to the Pi but been working on some GPIO based stuff and obviously I can’t test that well on the Mac side and been struggling to find a good text editor/IDE for rPi. Nano is irritating, the Geany IDE on the X environment is okay, but not very promising, don’t think there’s Atom, Sublime or VSCode on the rPi side - any suggestions? I don’t really want to learn vim :expressionless:


I usually do what you’re talking about, write most of my code on another machine and then push it over, tweak and build.

Nano if it’s a really small oF project, Emacs if it’s bigger. And I usually keep from loading the desktop on the RPi.

What about editing on the Mac and keeping the files synchronized with the Pi with something like:

while inotifywait -r -e modify,create,delete ~/project; do
    rsync -a --exclude='.git' ~/project/ pi@192.168.0.XXX:/home/pi/project/

(From (assuming a user pi)

You could have a similar inotifywait command on the PI side watching the folder, and autocompiling when changes are detected, so every time you save on the Mac, the PI compiles the program.

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Dude, yes

Ooh, thanks for the tip, that looks promising and with that I should be able to avoid my roundtrip through GitHub (and as a result of that, lot and lot of commits).

you can mount a partition in NFS between PI and mac, if you want to use your favorite editor.
however I recommend using VI or VIM when working remotely.