IDE for OF itself

What IDE are you using for developing OF itself? I don’t mean projects using the OF framework. I tried Eclipse but can’t get it properly working although I added every include path in the world.

Maybe Arturo could give me a hint. :wink:

just use any of the supported IDEs.
you can even use any text editor and compile using make.

Thanks Roy.

I was just asking because I wanted code analysis, code completion and stuff like that and could not get it working in Eclipse. I got a lot of unresolved error messages but now I found a workable solution: include ofMain.h not only in the header files like ofApp.h but also in the cpp files like e.g. ofApp.cpp. I think it’s an Eclipse bug. Was just curious how people developing OF are doing it as probably they would need some help from the compiler with such a pretty big code base.

I use whatever IDE I’m using on the given platform, typically VS on windows, Xcode on OSX and QTCreator on Linux.

Holy crapper! I’m impressed. That would be too much for my little goat brain. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

We are also working to get QTCreator working reliably across all platforms, so when that happens you won’t need to use all the different IDEs.

I use QTCreator on Windows and I’m pretty happy. On the raspberry pi I use a plain text editor + make :slight_smile: