i18n internationalization support for OF

I was wondering if anyone has worked with making application i18n supported so they can be shown in different languages.

Is this something that could be easily done in OF?



Thanks!!! :mrgreen:


Not OF per se, but I’ve used the rather brilliant QuesoGLC in the past to render non-latin charset text:


This is not wrapped as an OF compatible project at the moment though, but it didn’t take too long to set up as far as I remember.


Actually, if what you are wanting is a way to put the extended ASCII characters (I mean, those that are greater 128 in the ASCII table), you can do something like this:

font.loadFont("arialbd.ttf", 16, true, true, false);  

The “true, true, false” is: “antialiased, fullcharacterset, dont make contours”.