I would like to get an idea how big my ofMesh actually is

I understand that I can go through each vertex and find it’s coordinates. The thing is I don’t know how many indices I have. I have made an app that can fill the mesh with my own application of particles using the ofxPointInMesh addon to get a distribution of volume that I can later use for physics. I just need the scale that I am working with.

I am using the OfMesh.Load() method with an ascii .ply file

Have you already tried the mesh.getNumIndices() method ?

I have just tried it and for some reason it returns 0.

note that not all meshes have indices. getVertices().size() will tell you how many “points” your mesh has. In some cases, meshes are indexed, meaning, rather than repeating a vertex, indices are used. for example, a mesh w/ two triangles that share an edge could either be written with 6 vertices or with 4 vertices and 6 indices – using indices can be smaller in memory if you consider having to duplicate texture coordinates / normals / colors etc.

(also to explain, the indices are just ints, which say which position to get the data from)