I want to track simple object


I’m building an interactive installation and part of it requires simple shapes recognition/tracking.
The physical environment is very simple and conditions are very stable.
You have a lightbox and camera above it. The objects are square pieces of paper 5x5cm.
So I need to get corners for those squares in realtime and feed them to a software.

As far as I understand, OpenCV is a way to go.
Now for framework I wonder what is better: OF, Processing or Max ?
I used to program in Java and C++, but these days I’m looking for the “easiest” solution,
which would require minimum programming :slight_smile:

So, what do you think would be the optimal solution for my needs ?
Am I in the right place ?


If you want to try OF take a look at the apps/addonsExamples/opencvExample and that will get you started with blobs. Each blob has a boundingRect property that may work for you depending on how accurate you need it to be.

Looks like exactly what I need!