I want to start contributing to ofGraphics


I’ve been playing around with OF for a while, and now I want to start pushing some stuff.
I was surprised there’s no 3D geometry functions on ofGraphics.
Simple openGL functionss to make cubes, lights, materials…
Is there any good reason for that or just nobody did it yet?

I’m an experienced programmer but a newbie to git.
If I add some functions and commit, what happens next?
Will openFrameworks owners automatically see my changes and add them (or not) to the master trunk?
How does this all work to start contibuting?

And how about the docs?
If I push something new that shuld be on the docs, how does it work?


we’ve planned to do 3d stuff for the 007 version, so if you have some proposals, that will be great to see.

you can start from opening an account in github, forking the main of repository and commiting your code there. it’s better if you use a branch but if you have no experience with git just commit the changes to your repo. if you have some problems or questions about git, just ask here in the forum.

then we can see your changes compare them with the current version and see what can be added to the main repo.

about the docs, there’s no clear way to contribute to that yet, but if you have something to contribute you can send us the text or post it here in the forum and we can add it to the documentation system.

You can also check out the ofx3DUtils addon…it can be found here:

[quote author=“grimus”]You can also check out the ofx3DUtils addon…it can be found here:

Nice lib!
It’s got everything I was going to add…

Thanks anyway!