I want to receive artnet

The libraries I have found seem a bit dated with examples for sending data. Is there a proper library for receiving artnet data that I could implement in my project?


Which addons have you tried and what kind of errors were you receiving?

First I tried this version…


But it seems to only be able to send data.

Next I tried…


,which does have a dmx_handler but I get a lot of compile errors from the original lib files; namely for “attribute((packed))” which I don’t believe VS 2015 understands.

Finally I’ve tried…


…which has an artnetReceiver but also gives me errors for “attribute((packed))”. At this point I am looking at solving these compiler errors, but was hoping maybe there was an addon I missed somewhere that people generally preferred. Any info would be a great help.


Did you have any luck finding a solution? I am trying to do the same thing. In my case, to record an artnet “show” for looping playback.

I have tried: Artnet communication but as you’ve noted, the addons have changed.