I want to deploy my emscripten file in my site

Please tell me some official document to deploy(if it exists).
I think I need to copy some files(.data .wasm .js .html )to my server .
Does I have some other job to deploy?

And I want to diet *.wasm .
please tell me useful method to do this.
I used ofxopencv in my app .
so I will edit openFrameworks/addons/ofxOpenCv/addon_config.mk
Is it good way to diet?

And I do not need to copy ofxopencv file to my Server?

I want to edit a html template file how to do it?

Please make emscripten category

as with other platforms, you just need to copy the contents of the bin folder

if you compile for release:

emmake make Release

That’s optimized for size and it’s the smallest it can get. Editing addon_config shouldn’t have much effect since the compiler will optimize out any function that is not use

You don’t need ofxOpenCv or anything else in your server just the contents of the bin folder.

We don’t have a system in place for custom html templates but once you compile the application you can just edit the resulting html

Just created an emscripten category

Thank you
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