I search for paid help with updating OF for Emscripten

I got some funding money (I guess, its not a lot), and I search for someone who wants to help me with updating and expanding OF for using it with Emscripten.

I figured out a lot of things already by myself, but my code is a little hacky and I would love to have it implemented in a proper way. And I also start to reach my programming limits…

What I did so far:

Fixed some issues like fullscreen and font antialiasing.

I updated OF for the current Emscripten version.
Basically it means compiling the OF libs with the current Emscripten version.
What needs to be done:
Edit the OF apothecary scripts, so that they compile for pthreads (needed for sharedArrayBuffer which is needed for audioWorklets) automatically (partly done). Then updating for future Emscripten versions would be easy.

Implementation of webMidi.
Could be optimized.

Implementation of audioWorklets.
Could be optimized too. Maybe implement it as an alternative method, as long as audioWorklets are not an official Emscripten feature. Maybe just with an if condition in the config.emscripten.default.mk file?

Use of local files with Emscripten.
Works, but very experimental.

Audio input routed to ofxPd (sound device input / audio from html5video / html5audio).
Works, but could be improved.

Optimization of video playback with Emscripten.
No success with that so far…
It would be great if it is possible, because I would like to do algorithmic video editing in the browser…

Fix a closePatch() issue with ofxPd.
And it would be nice to know, how to use PD externals with ofxPd (there is a documentation, but no luck with that so far).

The results will be Open Source and maybe partly implemented into OF.

I would be happy, if anyone wants to help me with one or a few of those tasks or can give me some advice how to go on…