I paid for an very simple academic game job in OpenFrameworks

I need to create a simple game for one of the subjects of my course in my university.

I’ve never worked with openFrameworks and have many other jobs to do and for this reason I do not have much time to learn it.

I’m paying someone to create a very very simple project and for me to continue.

I need to move a player to move back and forth in a 2D environment like a platform game. I do not need to jump but need to fire a projectile in the direction that my mouse points. Both my player and this projectile should use Box2D. I’ll use it to detect collision and also to simulate the physics of projectile fired by the player.

I do not need any layout, designer or art. Only geometric shapes to show who is the player and the projectile.

I need Class well made and well abstracted so that I can continue smoothly.

Anyway, I need only these resources. Please. Someone has experience and time to do this little job. I’m sure for those who have experience in openFrameworks, this is a job for a few hours. It’s a very easy way to earn some money and help a partner (^. ^). Thank you all

Since you never used OF, can’t you use Unity? There’s a free sample project: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/11228
It does what you need. There’s also alot of assets that you can buy and automatically create a 2d platform engine.

Thank you for your attention. (^.~)

I have enough experience with unity. But I really need this job in openFrameworks. It is part of a matter in which I am studying at my university. I need to deliver or i go reprove. It gotta be done in openFrameworks.

I’m a french digital creator, and work with Openframeworks, Arduino and Unity. Maybe i can help you, your project sound great :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact if you need, and good luck for your project.


Hello taktik. Thanx for yout repply.

Add my skype contact. (julio.next)