I made some spam, apparently :(

Tried to post something in the examples forum a couple of days ago but I was told that it looked suspiciously liked spam and that a mod would have to unlock it. This hasn’t happened yet. Do I need to do anything to make that happen? Are the mods just too busy right now? Or did someone look at it and decide it really was spam?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

My educated guess is you, like myself, doesn’t have enough posts… The same thing happened to me creating a new thread today.

drakko - I found yours - should be up know

evilpaul - is yours still missing?

Hi, there

Same problem here… Today I did a reply to a post, and marked as spam and after that, deleted.

I think maybe was deleted by accident?


nerdjgua - your posts were caught in the filter - I just restored them

Thank you, jvcleave!