I just really love OpenFrameworks


Just a few words to tell you that i discovered OF a few months ago and i just love it, really !

I’m coming from .net C# world from many many years but with a little background of C++.

With OF i was surprised be able to easily start my project, getting started was fast and simple (thanks to project generator).

I was also surprised to be able to be productive thanks to all the ofxAddons available, this forum and all the “high level” ofXXX classes that wrap complex stuffs (OpenGL…) with easy to use and understand classes.

Another good point is that OF is using all the best c++ libs (OpenGL, Boost, FreeImage…) instead of rewritting everything and reinventing the wheel. OF wraps them in a much more convenient way, much more easy to use.

Another cool thing with addons pattern is that a simple hello world app doesn’t take 50Mo on the disk.
With a minimal list of addons and in release mode, an Hello World sample app can take only 5Mo, that’s really cool !

Now a little comment about the OF UI, built in UI is soooo poor…
OF would diserve having a modern nice looking customizable UI…
I have decided to use ofxUI (a deprecated UI addon) and it’s a really good base to create a modern looking UI.

Many thanks to the OF team and to all contributors !

Merry christmas



+1 for <3 OF here!
I’ve used ofxUI for some time and saved a working version here to access old projects

PS: after that I’ve wrotten ofxMicroUI for my basic needs GitHub - dimitre/ofxMicroUI: UI for OpenFrameworks


yes, project generator is quite awesome!

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