I have errors with imageLoaderExample

Hi all!,
I’m trying Of and it’s amazing. I write because I miss something in the process to let my Xcode ready to compile. Almost all examples are working good, but I’m trying to work with images and I have an error in the example imageLoaderExample, and these errors are the same of another examples that I’m trying to compile. I have an error like this:

error: ‘FreeImage_DeInitialise’ was not declared in this scope
error: ‘FreeImage_Initialise’ was not declared in this scope
error: ‘bmp’ was not declared in this scope

What I have to do to fix it?
Thanks for the help

Now its working!

glad it’s working. the download (FAT / normal) should have all the linking done properly for the examples.

do you know what the problem was, or what you did to fix it?


Hi Zach!

I was a little bit confused with the addons and the updates. I downloaded the 0.05 version 4 days ago.
All the examples was working good in Xcode. But I had this problems with imageLoaderExample and fontsExample.
I have repeated this steps:

Instructions to install:
1 - download the snapshot from: http://www.openframeworks.cc/downloads/-…-eworks.zip
2 - In your current OF folder - backup your libs/openFrameworks folder by zipping it as openFrameworks-Backup.zip
3 - Now delete the old openFrameworks folder from libs/
4 - Move the downloaded openFrameworks.zip into libs/ and unzip!
5 - The update should be complete - if you have problems you can always restore from your openFrameworks-Backup.zip

And now everything looks good.
I’m learning a lot from OF. Thanks

ah yeah, it’s how to work with the snapshot –

the normal downloads here should work fine:

thanks for posting the instructions and some details :slight_smile: