I cant use "Enttec DMX Usb Pro"

First, hello im new in OF and the forum.

Im trying to work with DMX in OF, and i have an “Enttec DMX Usb Pro”, but i cant get up it.
Using other software like “MiniStage” i can use, but this software uses a virtual com port. And the libraries in OF (im using Mac OS) works with the USB port, and they dont work for me.

Somebody can do something with this interfase ? Or know any code for work with ofSerial and DMX?

thank you !, greets from argentina.


I made an addon called ofxEnttecDmxUsbPro that quite a few people have been using.

I haven’t used on the mac though, but I know Andreas has. I’ll ask him to pop in here to say if anything else had to be done to get it to work, and will email you my files.


I saw your library, i have it. But didnt work, because use libraries of window (like windows.h)
. And i need to work in Leopard. I compare with the normal library of DmxUsb bla bla, and i dont see diference when try to get up the interfase , i think that is a drivers problem.
I can getup the interfase over the serial port, but not usb, OF cant open the port, its that a privileges problem ?

sorry, but my english is so poor.


Here’s some code I’ve used on both mac and pc, originally hacked out of cppglue (http://www.ohloh.net/p/cppglue). I’ve found it to be very reliable. Hope it works for you!




Hi Marek.

Do you have some sample code on how you used dmxpro.cpp ?
Thank you,