i can use 3D with Blender??


I work with 3d addon, and all funcion ok, but i really use blender, because is free and i can work this in ubuntu, with the example come a .3ds, i tried to export in blender the .3ds, but make crazy beacuse export camera, ligth and objetc :frowning: .

Anyone now any form to use blender for 3d in openfrawors or i need to use 3dsmax, if not exist a form, anyone now a good tutorial for 3dsmax i found arround 3 but is very simple.

Thx have nice day

hmm… there’s gotta be a way to export from blender with out including the lights and stuff. If there’s no option, maybe try deleting everything except the model (or just create a new scene and copy only the model into it)?

Just an idea… good luck!

ok thx men i can

if anyone have this problem use


is a plugin for export .3ds inblender:)

you need to erase camera, and ligth, and the texture make with UV texure

Have nice day and thx men for your help

The Blender 2.48 default 3DS exporter is working fine with me for OF 0.006.
To export just one object, select it before calling the exporter.

_ALL_ the py-script exporters in blender , export whats selected. Most 3rd party scripts i’ve used for exporting from blender to use on iPhone also exports what’s selected before script is executed.

thx yes i used 2.48 and works fine, i selected only the object, thx all :slight_smile:

I can see this is an old topic, but I must add to it. I’ve been playing with a blender model that I made and I uv mapped it with a picture of my face :wink: when I import it into the of3dModelLoader it just loads as a white textureless model. I’ve tried messing around with the other texture/material settings, but nothing seems to reveal the texture. I have the texture in the same folder as the blender file. The texture is 512x512. Is there a good step by step for getting the textures to show up properly?