I am an artist, not a programmer

I hope to be in the right place this time for my question.
What does it mean when I compile a project the error message:
“cannot find -lstrmbase”?
Sorry i can’t make OF work for me yet.
I am very frustrated.

it means that you’ve missed step e) add files to mingw in the setup guide ; )


No, I didn’t miss that one.
I followed all those steps a thousand times but it just doesn’t work( it gives me the same mistake: cannot find -lstrmbase).
Oh my goodness.

the most common cause is that you have not done step e properly. please read it carefully – you need to copy the contents of both folders into the contents of the other respective folders.


second, is that maybe the compiler is “auto-detecting” the wrong mingw folder. Someone mentioned this on the forums:

edit: just got it fixed the problem was code::blocks’s compiler auto-detect function, detecting dev-c++'s mingw installation instead of cb’s itself.

more info here:

as described there, check** settings -> compiler -> toolchain executables** and see what it says for mingw, for example mine says:

“C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\MinGW”

what does yours say? if it’s found a mingw *different* to the one you’ve done step e into, it will cause a problem.

hope that helps & sorry for the trouble.

take care,

Ok guys,
I made one little step ahead: I can now compile and run the example projects, not mine (which I copy from the book “Interactivity”) but that’s a comfort compared with the inferno I’ve gone through trying to make “Openframeworks” and
“Codeblocks” work. They are a very critical combination.
Good thing at least “Processing” and “Arduino” are so easy.
Thanks for your suggestions anyway.

sorry it was an “inferno” -

hopefully you’ve at least found some friendly folks here on the forum and we invite you to ask questions here and we’ll try to help you as best we can.

good luck,