Huge(10000 images) png sequence with altering speed(interactive). efficient way to load and play?

Hello, I am making a png sequence player that user can control its play speed(both direction).

I tried to do it with video player addon, but it start to stutter when its ~10X faster and -5X for reverse. so I try to do it with png sequence.

the dimension is 864 x 1536(80% of full hd) and there is ~12000 images(~7.5gb in total).
I am now using the ofxImageSequence to do it.

it sorts of work, but it occasionally losing framerate (default running at 30 fps). and it runs with A LOT of RAM (~50gb including virtual ram). I am quite sure I am doing this the dumb way.

is there a better way to do this? thank you in advance.

I’m thinking rather than trying to load them all at once, you might only need to load a certain amount of images at a time from behind and in front of the player’s current position in the vector. This way you would have a bit of a buffer before they arrive at the max number of loaded images. As the player traverses the array, you would push more on to the vector, and at the same time remove the ones that are then further outside your buffer zone.

For the actual loading, have you looked into the ofxThreadedImageLoader example? You should be able to load images while the app is playing without experiencing any lag if the loading is done in a separate thread.