Hudson for CI?

I mentioned this in a packaging context in a different thread, but thought I’d bring it up as a general topic. Would anyone like a hudson server set up to do any pre or post merge checking of things? I currently run two other hudsons ( and and would be more than happy to spin one up for openFrameworks.

No worries either way - just let me know if it’s desirable and I’ll get it going.

seems automatic triggering-on-commit by github is doable:…-dson-build

yes! it would be totally awesome to have a build server.

I have been looking at teamcity, which would allow us to do xcode / windows testing as well. I bet hudson handles all of that stuff as well though?

mordred, are you still up for a CI server or something similar?
We’re currently at OF dev conference, and I just wanted to give a heads-up that something like that may be useful in the near future, with an automated release process.