First of all, thanks dear Zach for this wonderful C++ interface.
I’m an artist trying to escape Actionscript, in order to use an ‘open framework’ platform. To try my first step, I want to move this application I did in Flash to OF: . Excuse me for my ignorance — I have a couple of stupid questions to do. As you see, I deal with dynamic video permutation. To do that I took advantage of Actionscript NetStream Class (duration), Array Methods and SetInterval function in order to manage space and time. My question is: ¿what kind of class could I use to replace the well known Actionscript pop/shift/etc. array methods? How could I do to manage Time same way I did with SetInterval? I also got problems to Scale video to bigger size than the source file.
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Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance,


hi - sorry for the delay -

can we take you questions one at a time:

a) how to scale video:

you should be able to draw using x,y,w,h:


b) shift / pop, etc:

since I am not so familiar with flash, can you explain in more detail what you mean?

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Thanks for your answer. I mean,

  1. I need some Class/Methods to deal with Array or Matrix. For example, with AS I have the Array Class, and with it the pop/shif/splice methods to extract the elements from this array. I also have the properthy “array.length” to know how many alements it has. Etc. I use it to deal with video files name. Is there something similar in CC++? How can I extract the last/first or middle element from an array? How could I know how many elements remains in an array? (Sorry for my ignorance)
  2. To call a Function each X time, As use this sentence:

setInterval(myFunction, Time);

This way, for example, I can order a function to be executed at X time.
All of that allow me to execute, for example, a series of video files in this way

myVideos = [“”, “”, “”]; // “pop” remove the last element from an Array

//then –for example
duration = myPlayer.duration //duration of the current shot

setInterval (rePlayFunction, duration);

function rePlayFunction(){; // “pop” remove the last elemento form an Array

Therefore, I would like to know the way to deal with Arrays, and also to manage time and function same way than SetInterval allows

ivanmarino –

In c++, an “Array” can only hold data in static memory locations and this length, cannot be changed once you create the array. You are also limited to number variable types and characters.

What you need are Vectors and Deques, which are two additional types of memory handlers. A Vector type allows pushing and popping from the end of the array, and a Deque allows pushing and popping from the begging and and the end of the array. Also, you may store any type of object or datatypes in these two types.


Good luck! Also, Google as much as possible! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your answer - it helps me a lot!