HTML5 rendering OF addon on Raspberry PI 2 hardware

Hi all,
we are looking for HTML5 rendering OF addon on Raspberry PI 2 hardware.

All projects around (or I did not search enough) have “early devel, broken, nonfunctional, …” in comments :frowning:

There are several approaches that various posts suggest

  • WebKit + QT -> offscreen rendering -> OF
  • WebKit + GTK -> offscreen rendering -> OF
  • CEF -> offscreen rendering -> OF
  • … same as above except rendering via GL -> OF

Some key requirements we have are

  • no X
  • able to run multiple HTML5 addons at the same time
  • can render HTML5 from remote server or local file system (HTTP://,HTTPS://, file://)
  • rendering speed is not concern
  • run on Raspberry PI 2, Debian Jessie, C++ (gcc 4.9)

Any experience / comments / pointers ?


did you see:
should do what you want. :slight_smile:

we looked into Awesomium. I posted question on awesomium forum

“we have C++ app on Raspberry PI. It uses OpenFrameworks. OpenFrameworks does have addon wrapper ofxAwesomium. can we use Awesomium on Raspberry PI hardware ?”

and for some time did not get any answer. I also sent email to support and got no response.
One user did answer …

"Awesomium is dead.
You can try, but it would be a hilarious waste of time; and the RPI doesn’t exactly have the power or RAM to drive something based on chrome anyways."

Is that true ?


We could get Qt on RPi2. But the webkit module of Qt is still to be done.