howto install gstreamer ???

hi all
i want to istall gstreamer on windows xp because i need to try video streaming between xp<–>ubuntu using c language now please any way to install gstreamer and a simple example about how to write a simple program using gstreamer and c/c++ because i try OABuild and GStreamerWinBuild and OAH then he tell me that the librery installed on my hard disk but i can not use it.

NOTE: i want to run this example

thank you very much.

perhaps you can try with codeblocks, the compiler used by cb, mingw, will be surely more compatible with Gstreamer WinBuilds since it seems they are compiled using mingw too.

thank you very much sir

but i really need to use visual studio 2008 if there is any way to use VS2008 & Gstreamer with a simple example that is help me.

thank you.

gerdonhanry, he’s running Windows so I don’t think that will work.

SiddeeqHssn, I’ve tried getting GStreamer to work on Windows and not had any success. I only gave it about one day of hacking, but in half that time I could have installed Ubuntu and had it running. Sorry I can’t offer any more helpful info than a flat out warning :slight_smile:

thank you kylemcdonald

i use gstreamer + ubunte now but the problem is i need to run windows+gstreamer on other PC then make a video conference between windows & ubuntu through gstreamer

i will still trying
thank you


I’ve posted some files and details on how to install GStreamer on windows here:

thank you very much grimus it’s very good job.

it help me very much

thnk you