howto convert ipad project to itouch

I’ve downloaded ofwIphone007 version, and successfully deploy a ipad project, and now i wanna to deploy the project to my itouch, but it doesn’t work well.
my itouch screen resolution seems like 480 * 360 instead of 1024*768.
is there a way that i can convert the project settings instead of use a lot of “glScalef” and “glTranslate”??


the solution i have found is to wrap my _entire_ draw function in a matrix transform

		ofTranslate(0, 0.0, 0.0);  
		ofScale(mDisplayScale, mDisplayScale, mDisplayScale);  

i’ve noticed some strangeness with fonts (textures?) but overall this works for me.
(i use it to draw everything at retina-resolution and scale in an older/smaller screen).



I guess it depends what you’re doing, but for my stuff, I like to use different assets for iPhone/iPod and iPad. That way you don’t use extra resources or have to scale anything. For dimensions stuff, I usually do stuff by ofGetWidth/ofGetHeight.

tks, and i’m use the same way. but it seems a liitle tricky while deploy an itouch project in ipad, it won’t fullscreen and will have a ‘X2’ button in the screen.

If you want it full size for iPad, you would have to set it to build for iphone/ipad and not just iphone. This should make it full res for iPad.