How to works with 2 windows?


I would like to know how can I work with 2 windows, one with gui controls and the other just for the drawing? is this posible?

Depending on your OS you might be able to use one of the two addons listed here:—addon-to-handle-a-second-window-[outdated]/3916/15

Really though, what you’ll want to do if you want more control over what’s going on is to create two render contexts. That’s not super easy b/c plain old GLUT doesn’t really like it, but there’s some support for non-GLUT renderers, i.e. GLEW, that you could probably hack together. Here’s some info on doing that in GLEW

Yes, you always need two rendering context when working with openGL on two windows. ofxFenster already has this behavior by default. But they’re not shared…

Thanks a lot guys!