How to visualize data in 3D bars?

I am new on openframeworks and I’m trying to visual data using 3D bars, but I don’t know how to do that.

I found an addon in GitHub called ofxChart but it seems that there is a problem on it and it doesn’t work.

I added the addon to the addons folder but when i use the projectgeneratoe to create a new project with the ofxChart addon it doesn’t appear in the project. i am using visual studio 2015

Can anyone help me with an example or show me something to start with?

Quick tip: include the link of the ofxChart to the post, so we can know which one you are asking about!

I understand its this one

Just downloaded it and it works fine, shows up in the project generator. Im using OFv0.9.3, Windows 7.

Make sure you place the folder as:


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Hi @Hennio thanks for answering .
can u give me an example hw to use this addon to show 3D bars.
im new at C++ and and i don’t know how to start.

Try running the example-3d included in the addon!

Can you tell me how to run the example-3D because i always get errors when i try to run it !

Use the project generator or VisualStudio plugin to create an empty project that includes the ofxChart addon (if you use VisualStudio plugin then follow this video). Then copy the example testApp.cpp and testApp.h to your project folder, remove the ofApp.cpp and ofApp.h, and rename testApp.cpp to ofApp.cpp and testApp.h to ofApp.h. Compile and run the code!

I followed the steps that you told me and i still get the errors :sweat:
Did you try that by yourself ?