How to use wiimote

Hello, everyone.

I’m a beginner of oF.
I want to use “wiimote” in oF.
I researched about how to use wiimote in oF. And I understood I can use wiimote in oF with “ofxOSC” or “ofxWiiOSC” addons, but I don’t know the concrete way of coding in oF because of I’m a beginner.
So, please tell me how to use these addons and how to write the code.

?I know ofxOSC or ofxWiiOSC can use with darwiinosc.

my developing environment:
oF version :v0071

Sincerely yours,

basically you can use a third party application (i.e.: osculator or darwiinosc) to take wiimote signals and translate them into OSC (which is a easy, multipurpose network protocol).

ofxOsc will enable your application to receive and parse OSC messages (look at the example to learn how to use it); at this point it’s up to you: you’ll have a stream of data from the wiimote and you’ll be able to use it as you wish (look at the third link you posted for an example).

if when you say you’re a beginner you mean that you cannot program at all, then you should start learning some c++, then look at the OF examples and finally, when they make sense to you, using the wiimote should be pretty much straightforward.

To naus3a and everyone

I could use wiimote data in OF with OSCulator.
I tried to understand the meaning of following code and changed it by myself.
I realized my bad point was sending data protocol from OSculator !
Thus, I changed data protocol in OSCulator app.
I couldn’t have done it without your advice. Thank you very much;-)

As your advice, I would like to try to study C++ to use OF freely.

Sincerely yours,