How to use openglES instead of GLFW on ODROID XU4

I have got OF 0.11.2 built on an ODROID XU4 (Arm7) running Ununtu Mate 22.04 32 bit.
However, 3d graphics performance is very poor in OF (3DPrimitivesExample)

I tested with Chrome web browser to view some WebGl samples and they work well. Also
tried command line testing with glmark2 (poor performance)
GLMark-es2 (good performance)

it seems then the OpenGL driver does not support direct rendering inopengl.
However from my testing it seems using opengl-es is fine.

I can’t get OF to work with OpeglL-es. I tried the shader program examples but they fail with ‘no shader’ errors. with GLFW window I do get a window but its just blank white.
also trying to get 3DPrimitives to run with OpenGL-es but not sure if it can be done.

Any ideas?